This topic group will deal with Transport and is led by Phil Cole with lay members Keith Allfrey, Steve White and Chris Shrubsall and Craig Ellis of Barnham Parish Council and John Kilroy of Eastergate Parish Council.

Would you like to get involved with this topic. If so please contact  Eastergate Parish Clerk

The next meeting of this group will be 7.30pm on Thursday 22nd November at Eastergate Parish Hall. All welcome


Vision Statement


To make travelling to and from Barnham and Eastergate a pleasant, easy and relaxed experience.


To make all journeys throughout the villages, safe and secure and to encourage local residents to make greater use of low impact and public transport.


To ensure that the issue of parking is addressed and that this should not be detrimental to the local community and character of the villages.


To ensure that all transport changes and developments implemented or planned during the next 15 years should


  • maintain or improve the existing character of the villages
  • balance the needs of efficient travel for residents, commerce and commuters
  • maintain a safe and secure environment for all road users
  • minimise and mitigate both noise and airborne pollution
  • encourage and facilitate the greater use of public transport.


More specifically :-


That all roads will provide a safe and secure environment for pedestrians and cyclists and encourage all road users to respect the needs of others.


That the drivers of all vehicles will have unrestricted passage through the villages main arterial roads.


That heavy goods vehicles will be discouraged from traversing the area.


That there will be sufficient public transport to encourage its use and to meet the needs of those who rely on it.


That ‘shopper’ parking should be sufficient, convenient and free.


That commuter parking will be reasonable and convenient as far as possible but not at the expense of the needs of local residents.



Terms of Reference


  1. We plan to analyse and review the current usage of the transport in the area.
  • This will involve establishing who are the providers and other key sources of information.
  • We will find all related projections, forecasts and any other information that will be helpful in establishing this picture.
  • We will need to analyse the findings of the other groups particularly employment and housing  to establish how they see things changing in the area and what the implications are for transport.
  • We would expect to have some questions for any Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire.
  1. We will focus on the categories of public, private, community, business and leisure.
  2. We will prepare a SWOT analysis.
  3. We will then attempt to prepare a forecast of developments that are likely to happen as well as the developments we would like to see. We may need to create alternatives or options depending on what happens elsewhere.
  4. We will need to ensure we have identified opportunities and constraints that transport may have on other proposals and developments in the neighbourhood plan.
  5. Finally we need to establish exactly how we can shape and influence developments on transportation in the neighbourhood plan area.