Environment and Heritage

This topic group deals with Environment and Heritage and is led by Roy Whitby of Barnham Parish Councils with lay members David Lloyd,  Jan  Sayer , Simon Deacon, Sarah Povey, Jude Holland , Keith Allfrey , Scott Robertson

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Overarching Vision & Aims


The aim of the Environment & Heritage Plan (EHP) is to assist in the development of strategic planning policy, guidance and advice to facilitate conservation and management of the environment and to enhance community understanding and enjoyment of this resource.


The EHP will influence policies and actions at all levels to safeguard the local  environment and heritage and promote sustainable development.


The EHP embraces all aspects of the environment and heritage, including landscape, archaeology and the built environment.


The aim of the EHP is to manage change in order to conserve and enhance the landscape and historic environment features within the parishes


The EHP aims to ensure that development or change is appropriate in terms of its impact on fabric and character and so seeks to guide the design of change.


The EHP aims to address issues affecting the sustainability of the environment.


The EAP documents recognise the diversity of the historic landscape of the parishes, characterise the dominant features and local distinctiveness of the Area, and seek to ensure that this local distinctiveness is enhanced by any future development.


The EHP aims to promote the conservation of the landscape and historic environment.


The EHP aims to promote joint working and partnership in managing the Environment.


The EHP aims to promote public understanding and enjoyment of the historic landscape and environment.




Objectives for the sustainable management of the environment and heritage for the whole of the parishes are set out in the list below. These have been taken from the Arun District Council Draft Local Plan Policy Sections relevant for Environment & Heritage. The Actions required to achieve each Objective will be set out at a later date.




     1.   Quality of the Environment

  • Noise Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Light Pollution
  • Contaminated Land

2.   Water

  • Water Supply & Quality
  • Flood Risk


3.   Natural Environment

  • Designated Sites
  • Non designated sites
  • Trees & woodland
  • Soil
  • Wildlife Habitat


4.   Conservation and Archaeological Heritage

  • Buildings or Structures of character
  • Listed Buildings
  • Conservation areas
  • Areas of Special Character
  • Archaeological  Heritage
  • The Historic Environment


5.   Green Infrastructure

  • Development & Biodiversity
  • Landscape
  • Open Space, Sport & Recreation
  • Protection of Landscape Character
  • Allotments


6.  Climate Change & Renewable Energy

  • Adapting to Climate Change
  • Energy and Climate Change Mitigation
  • Renewable Energy