Topic Groups

We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to have their say on the contents of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The process of creating the Neighbourhood Plan has been broken down into a number of topics, each with a group leader. These can be found on the left side bar. The aim is to try to acheive the following timetable.



STARTING UP – IDENTIFY THE ISSUES – 8 weeks Target Completion:  30th November 2012

  • Strengths and positive features – things to keep, protect.
  • Negative features – things to improve.
  • Things that are missing – would like to have.
  • Big issues – these will be things such as flood risk, housing need, development sites
  • Photograph, Maps (it is hoped that the area will be mapped in line with what Aldingbourne have managed to do).
  • To review existing census data for the villages – this has been collected from the 2001 Census and collated by ADC.  Note:  2011 Census information will be available early 2013.
  • To review the existing evidence base from the Initial Questionnaire.
  • Work towards the preparation of a community survey / questionnaire for each Parish to ascertain living, working, leisure, travel patterns and issues within each Parish and attitudes to development that builds on the Initial Questionnaire – this may not be necessary depending on findings but alternatively an open day for public consultation and feed back could be held.
  • To review relevant existing policy contained with the Draft Arun Local Plan and other relevant documents, e.g. SHLAA, SA/SEA and A29 Study. (These are only in draft form and will be subject to change.) Review National Planning Policy Framework.
  • It is essential that evidence base is recorded and kept.


DEVELOP A VISION AND OBJECTIVES – 8 weeks Target Completion:  31st January 2013

  • Look towards the fully duration of the NP – 2027
  • Describe how the neighbourhood should look
  • Consider what land use and development challenges will need to be addressed
  • Be specific in the objectives.  (Suggest that when this is completed by each group a workshop is held to tie these all together).
  • Develop the sustainability framework (Objectives and Criteria).  This is to appraise the social, environmental and economic effects of a plan to ensure that decisions are made that contribute to achieving sustainable development.
  • Agree the vision and objectives


GENERATE OPTIONS – 4 weeks Target Completion:  1st March 2013

  • Test the options
  • Consult
  • Appraise and present findings



DRAFT THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN  –  4 weeks Target Completion:  1st April 2013

  • Draft policies that are achievable and seek to achieve the vision and objectives that were developed during the public consultation,
  • Demonstrate that there is relevant evidence base and consultation processes informing and supporting the policies,
  • Draft proposals map
  • Check the details
  • How will this be implemented – write a management plan, what are the actions and how will these be measured – targets and indicators
  • Sign up all those for whom and actions has been identified.



CONSULTATION – 6 weeks plus dealing with comments say 10 weeks:  Mid June 2013


  • Formal consultation will be required with Statutory Consultees which include:  County Council, District Council, Environment Agency, English Heritage, Natural England.
  • Formal consultation with neighbouring parish councils (we do expect this to take place as an ongoing action with all the Cluster) such as Yapton, landowners, community organinsations (it would be nice to get some involved in the NP development)
  • Formal consultation events with the public ( would suggest this happens regularly throughout the process – via website and displays in Parish Halls.
  • Establish and maintain a consultation comment schedule and respond to these.



NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – 4 weeks:  Mid July 2013

  • When consultation comments are analysed, responded too and the Draft NP document has been updated, submit with the plan a map or statement showing the area covered, statement explaining how this meets legal requirements; consultation statement; all to ADC.



EXAMINATION PROCESS – say 6 weeks 31st September 2013

  • ADC will arrange for an independant examination of the NP.



REFERENDUM – say  weeks 30th November 2013

This will be arranged by the Parish Councils and a simple majority vote is required to make the NP a success and is adopted.