Eastergate Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan 2014-2029

The Neighbourhood Plan 2014 – 2029 was passed following referendum and is now planning policy which Arun DC must use when determining planning applications in the parish.
Please view the Plan and supporting documents.
Barnham & Eastergate Neighbourhood Plan - 2014 to 2029
Barnham and Eastergate Neighbourhood Plan 2014 to 2029
Barnham & Eastergate Neighbourhood Plan - Key Documents
BENP Letter to S106 210917 (signed)
Basic Conditions Statement Final BNEG
Consultation Statement
BNEG Evidence Base
Examiner report with final markups
Parish response to examiners report
ADC response to Barnham and Eastergate questions on examiners report
Site Appraisal Barnham and Eastergate
Evidence of Consultation
BNEG Survey Final Results
Youth Survey Final Results
Sheet 1 - Likes
Sheet 2 - Dislike
Sheet 3 - Attractive
Sheet 4 - Unattractive
Sheet 5 - Improve
Allotment Survey
Barnham and Eastergate Survey Report 2012
Public Consultation Answers - I Love My Village Event
Environment and Sustainability
Drainage Overview
Aldingbourne Neighbourhood Plan Flood Risk
Barnham Flooding Pollution Southern Water Position Statement
Barnham and Walberton Flood Map
Draft List of Flooding Incident Locations
EA Sustainable Drainage Systems - An Introduction
EA Effluent Disposal in Sewered Areas
EA Position Statement Foul Drainage Problems in Barnham Area
Hydrogeological Report Geological Vertical Sections
Hydrogeological Report page 1
Hydrogeological Report pages 2 to 9
Hydrogeological Report Geology Map
Lidsey Catchment Map
Southern Water Services Response to Planning Application
Surface Water Management Plans
Heritage & Natural Environment
Natural Environment
Fontwell Racecourse SNCI Ar 1
Synopsis of Desktop Biodiversity Report
Bird Sightings In Barnham And Eastergate
Biodiversity Opportunity Area 64 Lidsey Rife
Waterbody Summary Sheet
List of British Native Trees
Conservation Archaeological Heritage
Climate Change
TPO's detail in Barnham and Eastergate
Listed Buildings in Eastergate - Link
Listed Buildings in Barnham - Link
Conservation Area in Barnham - Link
Conservation Areas in Eastergate - Link
Getting Around
Transport Infrastructure
Parking Survey
Community, Leisure & Wellbeing
Assets of Community Value
Local Green Spaces
Local Open Spaces
Housing & Design Quality
Population Analysis
Barnham Community Profile
Eastergate Community Profile
Site Appraisal for Barnham and Eastergate
Housing Site Plan Shown at Open Events 2013
Employment & Enterprise
NP Employment Task Diagram
The Vision
Work Spaces Existing Businesses Summer 2013
Analysis of the current recession and its impact on employment_
Care Nursing Homes Retirement Sheltered Housing
Current Situation Eastergate
Employment Trends
Local Economic Activity
Neighbourhood Skill Set
A review of neighbourhood Wealth and Incomes - rev01
Review of Sponsoring Supporting Orgs
The tried and tested re-engineering to fit the NP
Small Business - The Way Forward for BE NP
BE NP Employment and Enterprise
BE NP Retail
The reality of Retailing
Analysis Barnham Shopping Centre
Barnham Village Centre
Barnham Village Centre - in Style of Kellys Street Directory
Barnham Village Suggested Improvements